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Key to preventing violations for early termination. The amount of money that is invested in the system can be more than half of an annual salary. By the time of the end of the criminal justice experience a down-payment for a home could have been accumulated. Please listen.

"The goal of Probation Station is to prevent young people from becoming a part of the criminal justice system through education; and to give anyone who enters the criminal justice system a voice by teaching them how to communicate for themselves with others." - Monalisa Weber, Founder Probation Station

Preventing young people from becoming a part of the criminal justice system.


Probation consultant, Monalisa Weber, utilizes her knowledge of the probation and criminal justice system to assist individuals and their family to prepare and organize for court, and to help them understand some of the process.

Probation Consulting Services include:

Legal represent-
ation is key.

Probation Station consultants assists with finding bondsman and/or lawyers.

Ask Questions and get answers.

Probation Station answers questions; such as, where to get dispositions and court documents.

Get probation assistance.

Probation Station consultants provide probation case assistance (early term, modification, violations).

Get reminder notificationsand obtain court attire.

Probation Station consultants monitors appointment and fee dues; and ensures that the defendant has proper attire to wear to court.

Do not enter the system alone. Join the Probation Station community! 

The United States has the world’s largest economy, is the world’s third most populated country, and incarcerates more people per capita, at 716 per 100,000 people, than any other country in the world. Probation Station is your platform for references, and general information on the criminal justice system. Monalisa takes the initiative to educate the public on rules of engagement once you come into contact with the police, hiring an attorney, attire, courtroom manners, understanding bonds, court lingo (definitions), Miranda rights, rehabilitation programs, and much more.
The criminal justice system is only blind to those who do not understand the options their rights provide, and will often treat large portions of the population in a systematic manner, ignoring individual circumstance and varying severity of a situation. Probation Station is the public’s roadmap through the network of law enforcement, corrections, and judicial offices that define the criminal justice system. 


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