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As a Probation Consultant, I utilize my knowledge of the probation and criminal justice systems to assist individuals and their family  to prepare and organize for court, and to help them understand some of the process. My role as Probation Consultant includes:

  • Finding bondsman and/or lawyers
  • Answer basic questions such as where to get dispositions and court documents
  • Provide probation case assistance (early term, modification, violation of probation)
  • Ensure that the defendant has the proper attire to wear to court
  • Reminders of appointment times and fee dues

I work directly with the attorneys to ensure that the individual understands everything that is expected of them and that communication is maintained on a regular basis. In addition, I am able to perform legal research, draft legal documents specifically for Probation cases, read case law and prepare case briefs, file court documents electronically, prepare responses to complaints and discovery requests,   organize case files and maintain documents.

My community involvement includes mentoring incarcerated youth at Broward Youth Treatment Center using the probation station curriculum I developed. The program curriculum includes instructional and motivational speakers; creative writing and poetry; chess, business and entrepreneurship activities and a book club. The goal of Probation Station’s curriculum is to prevent young people from becoming a part of the criminal justice system through education; and to give anyone who enters the criminal justice system a voice by teaching them how to communicate for themselves with others. 


Key to preventing violations for early termination. The amount of money that is invested in the system can be more than half of an annual salary. By the time  of the end of the criminal justice experience a down-payment for a home could have been accumulated. Please listen.

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